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Screenwriting is the art of visual storytelling.  The foundation of all unforgettable stories is great writing. That is precisely why superb scripts are needed to make excellent movies. This is where We Fix Your Script comes in. The company provides a consultancy service to the indie screenwriter who needs a fresh set of eyes to assess their scripts and, when needed, tweak it so that it becomes even better. In other words, the company offers ‘script doctor’ services.

With us you receive comprehensive notes on how to elevate your script and concepts to bring them to the next level.  You also receive a one-on-one live webcam meeting to discuss your notes and story. We meet the needs of every type of screenwriter, whether they write Features, Shorts, Web-series, or Television. We are here for you.
Sign up for our free 15 minute phone consultation. Get to know us and feel free to ask questions. We love to talk about screenwriting. You’ll discover that we want to make your screenplay the best it can be. To help achieve your screenwriting goals by maximizing your creative talents as a storyteller and ready your script for the marketplace.
We provide you with award winning consultants that are actively working in the indie-film industry.  Our service partners you directly with one of our talented screenwriters that specializes in your genre. Each one of them has spent years dedicated to mastering their craft and are excited to share their unique skills to help you.
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At our goal is to support our fellow screenwriters — from our free 15 minute consultation to our one-on-one sessions, write us here and get in touch today

“One of the good folks at We Fix Your Script worked with me on a tricky character-driven feature that dealt with some controversial subject matter.  The consultant helped me focus on character development and had invaluable insight regarding my screenplay’s strengths and weaknesses.  Not only were they knowledgeable, but they were also a pleasure to work with.”

- Derek Rucas (Writer/Director) - does not guarantee contest placement, script sales, or script options of any material we work on.
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