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Kelly Schwarze - Emmy Award-Winning Director
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Whether you are learning how to write a screenplay or are a veteran screenwriter, this is the perfect tool for you. This book reveals the mysteries of screenwriting from concept development, subplots, to format and beyond by using easy to follow templates and examples. 
Available in Paperback, Ebook, & Audible


Morgan I.P. Fics

MFA Screenwriting, Award-Winning Filmmaker

When it comes to the world of screenwriting there are several different books that discuss the foundations of the craft. Calhoun’s book, “The Guide For Every Screenwriter From Synopsis to Subplots: The Secrets of Screenwriting Revealed,” may appear no different at first glance, but deep within its core are several precise reference tools and some unswerving advice, all of which comes across as solid, well-founded, and informative. Through a combination of his notion as to how the writing process works, his understanding of structure, and his practical experience in the industry, Calhoun refreshingly offers up an approach to screenwriting that is of value to novices and pros alike.

Kelly Schwarze,

Author of What Film Schools Don't Tell You

There are so many books on screenwriting. Although many of them offer tips on structure and development, few books deliver the information into something digestible for aspiring writers. The Guide for Every Screenwriter is one of the most efficient instruction manuals on the craft.  Geoffrey D. Calhoun cuts past the verbose film school expository, and gets straight to work, delivering a sample-driven checklist that anyone can follow. What’s remarkable about this book is how quick it is to apply to your work. It serves as a side-by-side companion for the writing process. I recommend this book to anyone looking to write a screenplay, and to any professional needing a refresher.

“I read The Guide for Every Screenwriter in one sitting. Geoffrey D. Calhoun’s book provides insight any storyteller, not just screenwriter, can use. The guide had me thinking about my script and inspired me to write within the first ten pages.  What makes this book elemental for a writer is the specific simple framing of an extraordinarily complex process. Everyone has bits of their movie in their head… for those of us still learning the craft; it’s easy to let a story overwhelm us and lead to failure. Geoffrey’s book reaches down and provides accomplishable steps to not only get past the pitfalls but also profoundly improve a great idea into a wonderful one.”

Cat Connor,

Author of the Byte Series

“This is the book I wish I’d read ten years ago! A no-nonsense, straightforward, and vital easy to follow guide for screenwriters both new and experienced.  This is my new go-to guide for all things screenwriting. You better believe it’ll be close by from now on.” 

Seminars & Classes Available

Have the secrets of screenwriting revealed to you in seminars & workshops presented by Geoffrey. He believes everyone has a story inside of them and wants to help you tell it through the craft of screenwriting. Geoffrey has made it his mission to break down the mysteries of screenwriting which is why his interactive seminars are the perfect companion piece to The Guide for Every Screenwriter.

Amongst the topics Geoffrey discusses are:

  • The 9 Point Main Plot Outline

  • Surviving Act 2

  • The Secrets of Subplots

  • Thematic Design

  • Tips & Tricks

  • High vs Low Concept

  • Concept Development

  • Character Creation

  • Logline Lab

  • Synopsis & Treatments

  • Script Format

  • Branding yourself as a writer

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