This is what we are known for, fixing scripts. We have several avenues to work with from the lightest of touches to a virtual page one rewrite. Ultimately our goal is to make your script ready for any festival, contest producer, manager, or agent.

Here's how we can do that:


Script Evaluation: $75


If you are interested in a Polish or Rewrite then your script must be evaluated by our writers to discover the level of clean or polish required. The evaluation includes a brief outline where the writer believes the script needs improvement and a 15 minute consultation. 


The Basic Clean: $550


Perfect for a script which is almost ready for submission to any festival or producer but needs a once over from a professional eye. With the basic clean package, only grammar, typo's, and misspellings will be fixed.


The Light Polish: $895


This includes the basic clean but our experts will go a bit deeper. With the light polish, character dialogue will be punched up, scenes will be tightened, and format will be corrected to create a script which engages the reader.


The Heavy Polish: $1095


This includes the basic clean. In addition, our professional screenwriters will deepen their focus and streamline your script by elevating subtextual dialogue, editing action, smooth transitions and descriptions. We'll also fine-tune the storyline and major characters wherever possible to give your script that extra shine that will captivate the reader.


The Page One Rewrite: Custom Quote


Sometimes a heavy rewrite isn't enough and a script needs a total overhaul. For those scripts we offer a full rewrite. With this, our master screenwriters will dive deep into your story, characters, and structure. They will work diligently to achieve the script you have envisioned and make it ready for the market. This includes a development consultation before the rewrite begins.

*Please take advantage of our FREE 15-Minute consultation before purchasing.

Script Clean & Polish

Clean & Polish does not guarantee contest placement, script sales, or script options of any material we work on.
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