When pitching your script to a producer, studio, or agent, you want to make sure you capture their attention and draw them into your story. A pitch deck is a must for anyone looking for an edge while pitching.


What is a pitch deck? It is a visual companion to your script. Filled with visual elements and key art of your story, world, and characters, a pitch deck brings your script to life during the pitch process.

Here's what we can do:


Evaluation of Current Pitch Deck $75


This is the first step. Whether you are interested in a polish, rewrite, or having one of our master screenwriters create it, then we must first evaluate your work. This includes one page of notes which discusses the next step needed whether it be a simple polish, rewrite, or more. 


Full Deck $1,200


Creation of a full deck includes the writing of all text, plus incorporating visual development (usually a combination of simple, original designs and royalty-free stock images) into a powerpoint document. 10-page limit.


Revise $550


A revision is a deep dive into spelling, grammar, and structure for an existing deck. It often involves redrafting/updating parts of the deck. New visuals can be added as well.


Polish $375


A polish is less comprehensive spelling, grammar, and structure, of an existing deck. New visuals are not included.


Lookbook $350


A visual narrative that creates the feel and look of your story, characters, and the world of your script. Royalty-free stock photos are compiled into a beautiful presentation perfect to help you pitch your work. Want original artwork created for your look book? We can do that too! Feel free to reach out for more info here. 




Pitch Deck & Lookbook

Treatment & lookbook
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