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At We Fix Your Script, we go beyond "fixing" scripts. We mentor writers as well. Everyone needs an expert who has been down the path you're traveling, someone aware of the hazards ahead. That's where we come in. Our consultants are professional screenwriters with years of experience, and they are excited to work with you on a one-on-one basis.


They will use their proven skill set and experience to help take you and your work to the next level. Whether it be concept development, writing your first feature, rewriting a tv pilot, crafting a bible, or creating a one sheet synopsis. Our mentors will provide a professional eye and share their trade secrets of the craft.


With this you will recieve:

  • Initial script evaluation.
  • A weekly one on one consultation (up to 60 minutes) and review of progress x 4 weeks.
  • On the final week, your mentor will read your finished work and provide 4 pages of detailed written notes on your project.



SKU: Mentor
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