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A solid logline, synopsis, & treatment which shine are imperative to getting your script read and even optioned by a producer. Our experts have put the time in and they know what works.

Here's what we can do:


Evaluation of Logline & Synopsis, Treatment, or Script $75


This is the first step. Whether you are interested in a polish or having one of our master screenwriters create it, then we must first evaluate your work. This includes one page of notes which discusses the next step needed whether it be a simple polish, rewrite, or more. 


Logline & Synopsis $325

Polish $250


A Logline and Synopsis aren't just about boiling down your script into a single line or one page of content. It's about making an industry professional want to read your treatment or screenplay. Leave that to us. Our experts will develop a logline designed to industry standards and an intriguing 1 - 2 page synopsis which will make you excited to pitch your work.


Treatment $699

Polish $325


A treatment is the final step in representing your screenplay before it is requested to be read by a director, producer, manager, or agent. It is a breakdown of your script which gives more insight on the character, story beats, genre, subplots, etc... On your behalf, our experts will create a compelling treatment written in the standard prose up to 6 pages.


*For an evaluation, the synopsis/treatment must be for a script which has already been written.






Logline, Synopsis, & Treatment

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